Friday, April 24, 2015

Spring into Grammar 1 (A Bundle for Grades 4-6 & Special Education)

At long last the winter has come to an end, spring is in the air and days are longer. I woke up this morning and heard the birds singing. Music to my ears. What better way to welcome spring than to give your class some colorful spring worksheets.

 I've created a review bundle called Spring into Grammar, it contains worksheets of nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives and adverbs for grades 4-6 as well as special education students.

                 What's Inside
Page  3–4        Teacher Instructions
Page  5             Spring Fun with Nouns & Verbs
Pages 6-7         Adjective Fun for Spring
Page  8             Spring into Pronouns
Page  9             Spring into Adverb Land
Page  10           Review of Nouns, Verbs,  Adjectives,
                      Pronouns, & Adverbs.

Pages 11-15     Answers

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Greek Theater Unit (No Prep) for Middle and High School

"Why do we have to study ancient history, it's so boring," was something that I heard quite often from students. That's why I came up with my hands on approach to ancient history, my main goal was to make it come alive so that the kids would learn something and perhaps remember it in the years to come.

My students loved this unit on Greek Drama because it was hands on, and so did their parents. We invited them to the class to see the final performances. What good PR, the parents raved about it. The plays were also performed for other classes at the school.
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Amount of Time to Complete the Unit:
  • Introduction 1 period
  • Writing the plays 2-3 class periods
  • Rehearsal and dress rehearsal 2-3 periods
  • Performances 2-3 periods
  • The amount of time needed depends on your classes.
  • Students will understand that theater played an important part in the lives of ancient Greeks.
  • Students will learn Athens, Greece was the first civilization to introduce drama and to build theaters.
  • Present day theater came about from this civilization.
  • Students will learn that the first play was to honor the God Dionysus.
  • Students will identify characteristics of Greek Drama.
  • Students will write and present plays in the Greek style.
  •  In a cooperative group activity, student will write and perform plays in the Greek style.
  • They will each construct a mask with features to depict the character or situation being portrayed.
  • Masks will be made at home, or in class. This is up to the teacher.
  • A final copy of their group’s typewritten play will be handed in to the teacher.
  • Paper, pencil, pen
  • For the mask, oak tag, colored pencils, crayons, paint, yarn, glue, scissors.
  • The teacher may ask the class to bring in materials. Most parents are so helpful with this.
What's Inside
Objectives, Time to Complete the Project................................................4
Background Information for the Teacher................................................5-6
Lesson Plan that Includes an Introduction and Group Roles...........7-8
Grading Rubrics for History and English.................................................9-11
Student Handouts (to be read and discussed in class).......................12-13
Student Worksheets (vocabulary & pages for notes)..........................14-19
Bibliography of Resources………………………………………………………………20

I have also created a PowerPoint presentation that goes quite well with this unit as an introduction to Greek Theater.
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Interactive Greek Drama PowerPoint Program

Greek Drama Unit
Are your students learning about GREEK culture? 

Do you want your class to understand how theater began?This interactive power point presentation, can serve as an introduction to Greek Theater  in conjunction with my Greek Drama Unit, where the class will work in cooperative groups to write and present plays in the Greek style.

The slides show the history of theater from the earliest tragedies to the new comedy. Since the theater back then was completely different from those of today, part of this program includes the structure of the Greek theater. Thanks to the Greek civilization, where Drama began, we are lucky enough to have this type of leisure activity today.

Included are 20 questions that you can use for comprehension, and discussion. You may also make a copy of them to be used as a homework assignment.

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Click on image to go to Socrates Lantern

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Spring into Grammar Part 2 ( Grades 4-6 & Sp.Ed.)

This is the second part of my spring grammar bundle for grades 4-6. It contains worksheets to help reinforce the 4 types of  sentences (Interrogative, Declarative, Imperative and Exclamatory), Contractions and Possessives.  

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What's Inside
Pages    3–4    Teacher Instructions
Pages    5-7    Four Kinds of Sentences
Pages   8-10   Spring into Contractions
Pages  11-13  Spring into Possessives
Pages  14-19  Answers


·Four Kinds of Sentences:
1. If the sentence is Declarative put a D on the line, if the sentence isImperative put an I on the line, if the sentence is  Interrogative put a ? on the line , if the  sentence is Exclamatory put an E on the line.  Put the correct punctuation at the end of the sentence. Some sentences may be Imperative and Exclamatoryso put I, E .
2. Write 2  sentences for each type:  Declarative, Imperative,            
      Declarative, Interrogative. Be sure to use  correct                      
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· Spring into Contractions:
1. Write the contraction for the words you see in the box.
2. Write the long form of the contraction.
3. Choose 10 contractions and write sentences using them
· Spring into Possessives:
1. Write the possessive for each sentence (his, our,  mine,
      your,  hers, your, ours, their). One word is used twice.
2.  Put a line under the possessives that are written
3. Choose 10 possessives and write a sentence for each one.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

School Memories Grades (Grades 3-6) FREEBIE

This is an end of the year FREEBIE for grades 4-6 called,"School Memories." Children are to add a photo of themselves or draw one, and answer some questions about their school year. There is also a page for autographs. It will be so nice for the kids to look back at this and remember their wonderful school experiences. I truly hope that both you and your class enjoy using this FREEBIE.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

There's Never Been a Happy Bully
I found some information about bullying that I'd like to share with you

Most bullies are unhappy and have low self-esteem. They may come from an abusive home, or one where they are left alone most of the time. In either case, they have not learned appropriate behavior and may be acting in this manner for attention from anyone, even the police.  The bottom line is, a bully doesn't feel loved.

Don't let your child become a bully or be bullied. Here are some preventative things that you probably already do.
·        Be a good model for your child to imitate. Kids learn by watching and they will copy what you do.
·        Create positive communication channels with your child. Spend quality time with them. Let them know you are there for them and they can talk about anything, even if its things that you find difficult to discuss. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Don't give them double messages, it will confuse them. 
·        Make sure your family environment is a supportive one. Get to really know your child. What turns him/her on or off. What sparks their curiosity.  
·        Make sure you child is able to have positive relationships with other adults, ie: teachers, nurses, counselors, doctors, ministers etc. That way when you aren't there, they have someone to talk to.
·        Take an active interest in your child's school. Volunteer, take part in field trips. Communicate with the teacher, esp if something doesn't seem right.
·        Set up fair and clear cut boundaries so your little one knows what is expected of him/her. That way your child will feel safe and loved.
·        Teach your child positive values. They need to learn to be honest, loving and caring. They aren't born with these traits.
·        Love your child and let them know that you love them.

 Resource used:

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Friday, April 17, 2015

End of the Year Arithmetic Game and Worksheet Bundle (Grades 2-4 & Sp.Ed)

Has it ever seemed like the school year will never end and you find yourself counting the days and hours until summer vacation? You need some fun learning and reinforcement activities for your class because they are already on vacation. I've been there and I know exactly how it feels, so, I've created an End of the Year Arithmetic Game and Worksheet Bundle that may help do the trick.

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Click the image to go to my Tpt Store

This is an end of the year arithmetic fact review that can be used for grades 2-4 and Special Education it consists of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts from 1-12. All of the facts are on flash cards that may be used for the card game, “Spring into Summer War,” and the board game, “Spring Up, or Fall Down.” There are answer sheets for the class to use to make sure they have said the correct answer. When games are finished, there are worksheets that can be used as class work or homework. Just for fun, some pictures are at the end for coloring.


What's Inside:

Pages 4-7        Instructions for Teacher
Page 8            Spring Up or Fall Down Game Board
Pages 10-12     Addition Tables Answer Sheets
Pages 13 52     Addition Cards
Pages 54-56     Subtraction Tables Answer Sheets
Pages 57-80     Subtraction Cards
Pages 82-84     Multiplication Tables Answer Sheets
Pages 85-122    Multiplication Cards
Pages 124-126  Division Tables Answer Sheets
Pages 127-166  Division Cards
Pages 168-183  Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication
                      & Division Worksheets
Pages 184-200 Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication
                     & Division Answer Sheets
Pages 201-202 Pages to Color
Graphics by 
My Cute Graphics

Ta-Doodles Illustrations

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