Friday, April 24, 2015

Spring into Grammar Part 2 ( Grades 4-6 & Sp.Ed.)

This is the second part of my spring grammar bundle for grades 4-6. It contains worksheets to help reinforce the 4 types of  sentences (Interrogative, Declarative, Imperative and Exclamatory), Contractions and Possessives.  

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What's Inside
Pages    3–4    Teacher Instructions
Pages    5-7    Four Kinds of Sentences
Pages   8-10   Spring into Contractions
Pages  11-13  Spring into Possessives
Pages  14-19  Answers


·Four Kinds of Sentences:
1. If the sentence is Declarative put a D on the line, if the sentence isImperative put an I on the line, if the sentence is  Interrogative put a ? on the line , if the  sentence is Exclamatory put an E on the line.  Put the correct punctuation at the end of the sentence. Some sentences may be Imperative and Exclamatoryso put I, E .
2. Write 2  sentences for each type:  Declarative, Imperative,            
      Declarative, Interrogative. Be sure to use  correct                      
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· Spring into Contractions:
1. Write the contraction for the words you see in the box.
2. Write the long form of the contraction.
3. Choose 10 contractions and write sentences using them
· Spring into Possessives:
1. Write the possessive for each sentence (his, our,  mine,
      your,  hers, your, ours, their). One word is used twice.
2.  Put a line under the possessives that are written
3. Choose 10 possessives and write a sentence for each one.

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