Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Teacher's Plight in Detroit

I've joined a blog linky to help make everyone aware of horrific conditions of Detroit Schools. Please read on and don't forget to read the posts from teachers all over the country who are with Detroit in spirit.

A picture is worth a thousand words. I'm going to show through images the deplorable conditions that Detroit children have to deal with each day that they go to school.  I believe that this quote says it all, the dedicated teachers are taking the first step to help improve conditions so that they can do what they know best and that is to teach. We all need to show our support. 

These images were taken by Detroit teachers. It is just appalling.
Research has proven that mold can be deadly. It's not only found here, but you can find it all over the school. Would you want to send your child here?

Imagine, mushrooms found in a school.

How about this for breakfast?  Moldy pastry!

What about walking on this?

or this!!!

 Toilets have leaked into pre-school classrooms.

Looks like children with disabilities don't need a toilet seat.

Teacher's bathroom. I wouldn't want to work here, would you?

One of the many classrooms catching water from leaking roofs when it rains.

No wonder these students look bored. I wouldn't want to be here. Very sad!

Look at this hallway, disgusting, huh!

We need to march behind these caring educators and let them know that we are on their side. Please sign this petition to tell those in charge that they need to do something and the time is now!





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